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Welcome to my website; please note that, per my design, and to the best of my knowledge, my website does not use cookies.

I do hope that you and your loved ones have been keeping well and safe whilst we all fight against the very dangerous COVID-19 pandemic. 

I have been keeping very busy. One highlight for me was being given a commission to illustrate the book jacket of this very interesting semi-autobiographical childhood memoir by writer Bess Linnet:

The typography and book jacket design were created by the very talented Ben Gilbey of Supergroop.

I am also very pleased to tell you that my secret art submission to benefit Environment Trust Secret Art Sale and Silent Auction has SOLD! Many thanks to my buyer and to everyone who participated. The identities of artists have now been revealed, so I can show you my secret art submission (giant signature was not included of course!) of an A5 acrylic painting entitled Explore: The River Crane by Twickenham Station —

I have also donated four glicée prints to the Environment Trust silent auction; they are open for more bids until October 4th. Please feel free to click here on My News’ if you would like to learn more.

Thank you for visiting, and I hope you like what you see!

My portfolio samples

The following slide show of my portfolio samples will move forward on its own, or you can control the speed and direction by placing your cursor over the image and choosing an arrow button on either side. Information about my children’s book Zed Goes Up the Mountain can be found by choosing the Zed page in the menu above.

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