Many thanks to everyone for a wonderful 2017. Wishing you all a new year filled with good health, good times, great success, safe travels and much JOY!!! May all of your palm readings be glorious!!!


And now back to my portfolio samples..!

The following slide show of my portfolio samples will move forward on its own, or you can control the speed and direction by placing your cursor over the image and choosing an arrow button on either side. Information about my children’s book Zed Goes Up the Mountain and also new projects can be found by choosing the Zed page or the New Projects page in the menu above.

Please feel free to contact me either by phone, email or Twitter:

+44 (0)7930 983 722

jmackeylebleu@icloud.com or jean@bleujay-mackey.com

Twitter:  http://twitter.com/jmackeylebleu

Thank you very much!

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